Award-winning Laser Hair Removal Oxford

New medical-grade MotusAY Laser Hair Removal Technology


Bare UK is an Award Winning aesthetic business specialising in Laser Hair Removal. Our priority is to get great results for our clients, and we have invested in the best and most up-to-date technology:  The Motus AY by DEKA is the world’s first and only “pain-free” laser hair removal platform to deliver two gold-standard lasers – Alexandrite and nd:YAG – for treating all skin types.


For the first time we can now treat every client, regardless of skin type, with the specialist FDA-approved Alexandrite ‘Moveo’ laser technology, considered by dermatologists as the “most effective in laser hair removal treatments”. This revolutionary system is combined with a highly trained and experienced laser technician.

We have seen some AMAZING results and many very happy clients.

We also offer a great range of advanced aesthetic treatments for various skin issues, such as thread vein and cherry angioma removal.


We treat male, female, transgender and non-binary people from the age of 16 and above, at any stage of the process,  with skin colours from very pale to very dark.

We are NHS approved and have been providing laser hair removal services for NHS clients with great success and positive feedback.

Our mission at Bare UK is to make you feel comfortable before and during the treatment, and full of confidence after it!”


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