Semi Permanent makeup is an established beauty procedure, in which carefully applied permanent pigments are placed in the dermal layer of the skin to define eyebrows, eyes and lips. The implanted pigment will gradually fade with time, depending on a persons age, colour implanted etc. The procedure can also be used for certain medical applications including reconstruction of areola, reconstruction of cleft lip palate and scar/burn camouflage.


Book in to see our permanent make up artist, Pauline Kneller, an experienced and professional and fully trained semi permanent make up technician who has successful clinics in various locations across the UK and has worked alongside some of the top technicians in Europe.

EYEBROWS are created using natural pigments by individual hair strokes creating a light natural brow. 

EYELINER never worry about smudged eyeliner.  Semi permanent eyeliner opens the eyes giving a wide eyed look first thing in the morning. 

LIPS lip liner.  LIP blush. Full LIP colour all treatments will enhance your lips. 

MEDICAL PROCEDURES. Reconstruction of areolas. Scarring. Burns. 


Prices on request.  


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